ICC Champions Trophy

Monday, October 09, 2006

Should India come out from recent ODI failure jinx???

India , a deserving contestant to win the ICC Champions Trophy or the Mini World Cup as it is coined sometimes are hopeful of regaining touch and stride to the path of success under stewrdship of Guru Greg Chappel and leader Rahul Dravid. BUT the team has to rise to the occasion by minimising within the team politics, prejudiced game approach, voluntary but damaging advices from rejected old timers via TV and Media and above all by building a spirit of comradeship and team India "spirit". Without this the motto to succeed and winning the trophy seems to be " remote chance". Players like Sachin, Dravid and Yuvaraj in particular are to play to their potential and not to forget Sewhag at the top of the order has to fire on all cylinders.
Fileding has to silky and swift and catching perfect.

Much depends on inexperienced bowler like Munaf Patel who perhaps is the only bowler apart from Harbhajan Singh who can run through opposition line up. A big score to defend may do wonders. However, as said a big test is on the offing and ebven if India reaches final they have to win in the final breaking the " Final Jinx " which has already become a regular with Team India.
Nothing to hide and no more to be pained- what India as a team require is a spirit that has to remain intact right from their first match to the last match is WIN INDIA WIN........

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